About the consortium

The fundamental purpose of the ARENA Consortium is to facilitate high quality research on heart failure; a debilitating condition that affects more than 180,000 people in the Netherlands and an estimated 23 million worldwide. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the etiology of heart failure is complex, making it difficult to properly diagnose different subtypes until patients have already developed major symptoms or suffered a cardiac event. For this reason, existing therapies leave a lot to be desired.

CVON ARENA strives to understand a great deal more about the fundamental biology underlying different sub-types of heart failure and create breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment. Through an active process of nationwide collaboration involving talented research groups and leaders in clinical and basic research, ARENA has taken upon itself to investigate a specific class of molecules called ‘non-coding RNAs’ (RNAs that are not translated into proteins) and their role in the development and progression of heart failure. Although previously overlooked, it is now becoming clear that non-coding RNAs are beginning to provide us with insights into how the heart responds to its environment and becomes sick.